Debunking Haunted Places

Debunking a haunt is harder to do than proving one.

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Debunking a Haunt is Harder Than It Sounds

True skeptics will do anything to debunk a haunt – they will look for any and every excuse to find a logical explanation. Yes, critical thinking is very important when looking at a possible haunting, but the constant need to prove something wrong is still present among skeptics. Ghostly World receives several comments each month from people who have visited these haunted places and said that the location they visited was not haunted simply because they didn’t have anything happen to them.

Here’s where we stand in this argument: just because you don’t see anything on your investigation or visit doesn’t mean it isn’t haunted. Other people have reported activity (often times multiple people experience the same or similar phenomenon). Visiting a place and coming back without any evidence neither proves nor disproves a haunt – it just means you don’t have evidence.

Rookie investigators usually forget or miss the fact that they won’t be able to gather enough evidence to conclusively prove that ghosts exist or don’t exist – it is simply not possible, as there will always be skeptics. In order to correctly “debunk” a haunt, paranormal investigators have to gather enough evidence that there is a natural cause for the reported paranormal activity.

In the end, it is extremely hard to debunk a haunt – it is actually much easier to prove one.