How to Talk to Your Child About Ghosts

Is it an active imagination or paranormal activity?

Children often tell their parents that they have seen a ghost or that there is a monster hiding under their bed/in their closet. In many situations, this is simply the child’s imagination. However, if there is something out of the ordinary going on in your home, or if it is out of character for your child to behave this way, the paranormal could indeed be a factor.


  • …ask your child about what they are experiencing. Ask about what they see, hear, smell, etc.
  • …ask your child how they feel. Some spirits befriend children, as it is considerably easier for them to interact with them. A sort of “stranger danger” exists beyond the grave, too, as a seemingly benign imaginary friend could be a malicious entity. If your child begins to seem scared, anxious, or stressed about the situation, make sure you communicate with them.
  • …be an active listener. Provide your child with your complete attention. Make sure they know you think this is important.
  • …reassure your child and help to calm their fears and anxieties. Most children believe that all ghosts are bad or they believe that the ghost will hurt them. Make your child comfortable and ensure they are calm.
  • …tell your child that you are here to help. Reassure them that you are going to protect them and do your best to rid of the problem.


  • …tell your child that ghosts do not exist. While there is not evidence that definitively proves that they do exist, there are a considerable number of indications and clues telling us that they do. It also may cause some confusion for the child if they are experiencing actual paranormal activity.
  • …become frustrated, upset, or discouraged with your child for telling you. Your child trusts you and feels they confide in you. If you express anxiety, fear, and doubt, they will likely pick up on your feelings. Remain calm and be an active listener. Be objective and do not express doubt. Never tell them they have an overactive imagination.
  • …rely on the suggestions of others. Sometimes, when asking for advice regarding a potentially paranormal situation, people offer advice like moving out of the house or getting rid of a television in the child’s room (some believe that ghosts come out of it). The best source of advice would be a paranormal investigation team.
  • …allow seances or Ouija board use. These can make the paranormal activity worse.

If you are in need of help, seek help from a paranormal research group or from a priest/minister.