Adams Grove Presbyterian Church

  • The Adams Grove Presbyterian Church, constructed in the Greek revival-style in 1853, is one of the few pre-Civil War churches remaining in the area. The cemetery outside of the church was built at least five years prior. The last congregation was held in either 1974 or 1986, depending on the source. It is widely considered to be one of the most haunted locations in Alabama.


    At least four entities are confirmed to haunt the property, though investigators have recorded more.

    The “Red-Eyed Shadow Man” lurks around and inside the church and is notorious for sneaking up on visitors. Ghost hunter Maxwell Hodges believes the entity to be a demon or shadow person. Hodges claims to have encountered the spirit outside of the church. It was a warm, sunny day; his arm grew incredibly cold, as though an icy hand was squeezing his arm. When he turned around, he came face to face with the Red-Eyed Shadow Man. He described the eyes as being “redder than red [...] like there was a small fire inside of the entity’s pupils.” Hodges screamed for help, with his friends coming to his rescue. After the encounter, he had no desire to go ghost hunting ever again. He believes he may have post-traumatic stress disorder, as he continues to have nightmares of his ordeal.

    The ghost of a Confederate soldier haunts the adjacent cemetery. He yells at visitors to get off the property when they come by for a visit. He carries his rifle and chases them away, sometimes calling out, “Go on, git!”

    Another spirit haunting Adams Grove is an unidentified minister who only appears before thunderstorms. He wears a black suit and a gaucho hat. His apparition steps onto the porch, raises his arms into the air, and begins to yell or pray loudly. All of the sudden, thunder is heard and the rain begins, and he fades away into the air.

    In the evening hours, a baby cries inside the church. Walking towards the sounds will prompt them to stop, though they will resume once you begin to walk away. It is unknown as to why a crying baby haunts the church.

    In 1982, Daniel Siegram and his wife visited the church and witnessed what appeared to be a dark black cape with a red interior moving throughout the church, though there was no sign of anyone wearing it. The invisible wearer seemed to be a 6’-tall man. Eventually, the cape fell to the floor and disappeared.

    On a separate occasion, an anonymous former member of the church who was attending a potluck barbecue on the grounds elected to sit alone and eat rather than be with the group. He noticed a raised portion of the ground, as though a gopher had burrowed beneath it. He moved away from it, only to have it move closer to him. It continued to follow him as he backed away from it. Moving at a quicker pace, the raised portion of the ground increased its movement speed. Eventually, it led him into the cemetery, where he felt a hand grab onto his ankle. He fell on his face, causing his plate of food to fly everywhere. He never returned to Adams Grove again after his paranormal encounter.

    The area is reported as a hot-spot for UFO sightings.

    Today, Adams Grove Presbyterian Church is on the National Register of Historic Places (added in 1986) and is privately owned.

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