Searcy Hospital

  • In 1900, a mental hospital was built on the former site of the Mount Vernon Arsenal in order to help relieve the overcrowding situation at Bryce Hospital, which was located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Originally, the hospital was called the "Mount Vernon Hospital" when it opened in 1902 but was renamed "Searcy Hospital" after Dr. J.T. Searcy, the hospital's first superintendent, in 1919.

    Unlike Bryce Hospital, it only treated Black patients as a form of segregation. It remained this way up until 1969, having gotten in trouble with the Civil Rights Act from 1964. The hospital had 400 extended-care beds and 124 intermediate-care beds for patients with severe illness in 2010.

    On February 15, 2012, the Alabama Department of Mental Health announced that it was going to close three state-run mental hospitals, including Searcy Hospital. It closed on October 31, 2012. The hospital is currently haunted by those who died in the hospital.

  • Country
  • Address
    725 East Coy Smith Highway, Mount Vernon, Alabama 36560, USA
  • Built
  • Operation Time
    1902 to 2012
  • Kirkbride Plan
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