The Grim Reaper is the personification of death, representing the end of one’s life. Often depicted with a black cloak and sickle, his image has struck fear in the hearts of millions for centuries.

Not everything that we think may be paranormal actually is. Some of the most common forms of environmental causes are listed below in this guide.

Thomas Story Kirkbride

Reformist Dorothea Lynde Dix (April 4, 1802 – July 17, 1887) testified to the New Jersey legislature about the insufficient and inhumane treatment of individuals suffering from mental illness. They were housed in residences, county jails, basements, attics, prisons, and other tucked-away places to effectively be forgotten. Through her efforts, the United States established state-run hospitals. Philadelphian psychiatrist and psychiatry pioneer Thomas Story Kirkbride (July 31, 1809 – December 16, 1883) devised a revolutionary plan based on the philosophies of moral treatment and environmental determinism.

Street-view of the Hollywood sign.

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In 1883, the plot of land where Waverly Hills now stands was purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays to build his family home. Since it was too far from any schools, Hays opened his own on the property for his daughters. Lizzie Lee Harris, the teacher he hired, was a fan of Walter Scott’s Waverley novels and named the schoolhouse “Waverley School.” Mr. Hays liked the peacefulness of the name and dubbed his own property “Waverley Hill.” The Board of Tuberculosis Hospitals kept the name after buying the land, but changed the spelling to “Waverly Hills” for reasons unknown.

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