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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 7/21/2023

Ghostly World is a community for folks interested in haunted places, the paranormal, ghost towns, history, and abandoned spaces and for those who have experienced the supernatural first hand. To keep it a nice place to visit, we have a few guidelines in place to maintain a sense of safe community.

We love receiving your comments, feedback, personal stories, and opinions! To maintain quality and constructive conversation, we moderate our comments sections.

We do not permit comments containing discriminatory language or hate speech. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and xenophobia. Comments featuring advertisements (self-promotion, service offers, selling of goods, transactions with personal or financial gain) or spam (phishing, scamming, off-topic links, etc.) are not permitted. Sexual or pornographic content, harassment, flirting, etc. is also not permitted. We ask our commenters to refrain from unnecessary profanity to keep our community friendly for younger visitors. We do not allow political conversations or promotion of misinformation or conspiracy theories, unless they pertain to the topic being discussed.

Ghostly World is by nature a place for discussing belief and skepticism. Users are expected to behave respectfully regardless of whether or not they agree with what has been posted. Users are welcomed to discuss their personal feelings and opinions regardless of their level of belief in the paranormal. Users of all religions are welcomed and accepted. Religious intolerance and preaching will not be accepted. Commenters have the right to express their opinions and disagree. Fighting, arguing, or otherwise disrespectful discourse is not permitted. We will issue individual warning emails to all users involved with the fight. Please refrain from opinionated or slanted ideas. Ghostly World is not responsible for any opinions, facts, information, or content presented by our commenters.

For safety reasons, do not post your email address. Ghostly World is not responsible for any personal information commenters post about themselves. We do not allow comments containing email addresses, physical addresses, financial information, phone numbers, social security numbers, or other sensitive information.

We have a three strikes violation policy, but we take into consideration the severity of the violation (e.g. users can be blocked on their first violation). On the first violation, we will issue a warning email sent to the email address provided for commenting. If the behavior does not change after the first violation, a temporary or lifetime block will be instated upon the user. The duration depends on the content of their comment. A third violation will result in a lifetime ban, with commenting privileges permanently revoked. If a user feels they have been wrongly banned, they can contact us, share their case, and ask for an appeal. Commenters can also ask for a one-time second chance if they can change their act. Users are never deprived of their right to visit our site or read our content.

Please stay on topic when writing comments. The comment sections are not forums for unrelated personal conversations. Ghostly World is a community about ghosts, the paranormal, parapsychology, ghost hunting, haunted places, abandoned places, ghost towns, etc.

We reserve the right to edit comments, but we will never alter the core message, idea, content, or opinion of the comment. We will only ever correct formatting (grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc). We will also remove profanity and offensive content, terms-violating content, and links to off-topic or third-party websites.

We reserve the right to delete any comments at any time without notice or warning, regardless of how long the comment has been available on the site. We keep records of all comments posted to the site. We retain comments in our records even after deletion. If you would like a copy of your commenting history, contact us and we will send it to you as a PDF file. We will only email records to the confirmed author of the comments. Please provide the username or name you used when you commented and the email address associated with commenting. If you would like us to delete a comment you submitted, please contact us and provide the URL(s) of the comment(s), the username or name you used when you commented, the email address associated with commenting, and the content of the comment(s) you want removed. This does not delete the comments from our site records.

We love receiving emails from our visitors. We ask users use courteous and professional etiquette when reaching out to us. Harassment will not be tolerated. Please stay on-topic. We reserve the right to ignore emails irrelevant to Ghostly World and its related topics. We have zero tolerance for spam, phishing, solicitation of services, or other scam messages. Emails of this nature are reported.

Your privacy is our priority. We will never share any of the personal information (name, email address, location, etc.) provided in emailing us without explicit consent. We reserve the right to use any facts or information submitted to us.

Ghostly World contains content that may be disturbing or triggering to some readers. As part of our initiative to create a less sensationalized paranormal website experience, we will be diligently adding trigger warnings to our content for more severe cases. Many stories contain content that is dark, descriptive, gruesome, controversial, and/or upsetting. Due to the nature of this site's content, most all of the entries featured on Ghostly World depict the lives and deaths of people of all ages.

While we will do our best to provide content warnings, we are not responsible or liable for nightmares, depression, anxiety, disturbed feelings, or other psychological effects provoked from reading our content.

Do not use our content without our written permission. Our site content, eBooks, merchandise, and content are the sole property of Ghostly World. Do not redistribute them in any manner (electronically, written, printed, etc.) unless permitted by Ghostly World via written consent form. Using it without proper permission is a violation of copyright law.

Ghostly World encourages using its information as a source. If you use us as a source for any written material (books, eBooks, magazines, reports, publications, articles, blogs, etc.), we require proper citations and credits in your sources section or bibliography. Verbatim use of our content is not permitted without permission or proper quotations and citations (up to five sentences).

Ghostly World uses a variety of images from various sources. Most come from copyright-free and creative commons sources. If we have posted an image belonging to you and you feel we have mistakenly violated your intellectual property or copyright, please contact us and we will remove it.

Ghostly World takes many steps to verify the accuracy of the information featured on our site. Occasionally, we have inaccuracies as a result of incorrect information from our sources. We work to be as accurate as we can. We are not liable for factual errors gathered from external sources. You can submit corrections by contacting us.

Ghostly World does not endorse or advise visitation of the places listed on GhostlyWorld.org. Many are private properties, condemned, or otherwise unsafe. Never trespass. Trespassing is a violation of the law that could get you ticketed, arrested, injured, or killed. Police, private security firms, and owners often patrol the areas. Always obtain proper permission before visiting a location. Entering abandoned buildings is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Health threats and dangers include exposure to animal droppings, mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead poisoning, tetanus, unsound structures, and rabies, among others. Conducting ghost hunts and séances can be dangerous. Ghostly World is not responsible for your actions. We are not responsible for anything that happens to you at these locations, including but not limited to arrest, injury, or death.

We cannot guarantee any of the places listed on the site are truly haunted or true stories. We do our best to fact-check our information. All reports are based on information from historians, locals, eye-witnesses, and ghost hunters.

Newsletter subscribers must be over thirteen years of age. Subscribers under the age of 18 must have parental permission before signing up. We will never share our subscribers' information. To unsubscribe, click the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of any newsletter or contact us and request removal from our list. Do not redistribute our newsletter content (see our "Content" policy for more information).

Ghostly World welcomes users to submit and share their personal stories from haunted places, abandoned locations, ghost towns, and the paranormal. We reserve the right to modify stories submitted by visitors to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We will never rewrite what happened in your story. We may remove content if it violates our content policy. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy and/or truthfulness of stories submitted to the site, but we implore those who submit stories to be honest.

Ghostly World maintains the right to use your story on any of its websites, social media, books, and printed materials. The name you enter when submitting the story to us is the name it will be published under. Your email address is required so we may contact you as necessary. It will never be shared.

Ghostly World will never share your contact information without your explicit consent. We reserve the right to publish any personal experiences submitted across any of our sites, books, printed works, or social media. We reserve the right to use any facts or information submitted to us.

Thank you for reading Ghostly World’s Terms & Conditions and site disclaimer. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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