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Ghostly World is an open community for folks interested in haunted places, the paranormal, ghost towns, and history, and for those who have experienced the supernatural first hand. Like a national park, we would like to keep Ghostly World as a nice place to visit. With that being said, we do have a few guidelines in place that should be followed in order to maintain our quality standards and our safe spacewe’ve created. It’s better for everyone that way – plus, it keeps the spirits happy!


We love receiving your comments, feedback, personal stories, and opinions! However, in order for us to permit your comments onto our site, we have rules we strictly enforce to help us maintain a higher standard of community discussions.

1.1 Swearing & Offensive Material

For the sake of our readers and for our own credibility, comments that include any of the following will NOT be approved:

 Hate Speech

racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, or otherwise discriminatory language


self-promotion, service offers, selling of goods, or other transactions with personal or financial gain

Sexual Content

sexual/pornographic content, language, sexual harassment, or flirting


swearing, vulgar language


phishing, scamming, spam, off-topic links

Offensive Material

offensive/insensitive material


First Violation

We will issue a warning email to the email address provided by the commenter when they fill out the form for commenting. Depending on the severity of their violation, there is a chance that the first violation will result in the user being blocked from making any further comments on the site.

Second Violation

If the behavior has not changed from the first violation’s warning (provided it did not result in a block), a temporary or lifetime block will be instated upon the user depending upon the severity of the comment’s contents.

Third Violation

If the first two violations did not result in a lifetime block and the user has continued to violate the rules, the user’s commenting privileges will be revoked permanently.

We want to give you your voice! If you feel you have been wrongly banned, you may email us your case and we will review it. If you are correct, we will restore your commenting privileges immediately. You can email us at contact@ghostlyworld.org.

1.2 Stay On Topic

Please stay on topic when writing comments.

Our commenting section is not a forum. It would be great if you could help us keep it that way! We kindly ask you to stay on-topic when you write your comments. Unrelated personal conversations should not be held in the comments section. Ghostly World is a community about ghosts, the paranormal, parapsychology, ghost hunting, haunted places, abandonments, ghost towns, and the like. Anything unrelated to those topics doesn’t really belong here.

While we won’t block you for this violation, we do expect that your comments remain relevant to our site. It’s not that we don’t want to hear what you have to say or that your off-topic comment doesn’t matter: we just want to maintain meaningful dialogues!

Comments that are considered to be off-topic will simply never be approved.

1.3 Comment Editing

We reserve the right to edit any of your comments. To maintain our quality standard, we reserve the right to modify your comment for any of the following reasons:

  • Grammar, spelling, and capitalization
  • Censor any profanity used in a non-vulgar way
  • Remove portions of a comment that violate any of our commenting terms
  • Remove links to off-topic or 3rd party websites

While we reserve the right to modify your comment in any way we see fit, we will never change the core idea or content of your message.

1.4 Comment Deletion

We reserve the right to delete any of your comments.

Ghostly World reserves the right to delete any comment, potentially without notice, at any time, regardless of however long the comment has been available on our site.

We have records of all comments posted to the site. Your comments will remain in our records even after we delete them from our site. If at any time you would like a copy of your comments record, you may contact us at contact@ghostlyworld.org and we will send it to you as a PDF file. We will only email records to the confirmed author of the comments.

If you would like us to delete a comment that you have posted to our site, please email us at contact@ghostlyworld.org. In your email, you will need to include:

  • the URL(s) of the page(s)/post(s) you commented on
  • the name you used when you made the comment, your email address
  • the contents of the comment(s) you would like to have removed

1.5 Religious Views

Your personal feelings, opinions, and religious or non-religious beliefs about ghost are accepted and welcomed as long as they respective and constructive. Religious intolerance, preaching, and practice of Satanism, Luciferianism, occultism, dark arts, and/or witchcraft will not be accepted. Respectful, objective discord only. Thank you for your consideration.

1.6 Opinions

Commenters have the right to express their opinions. Commenters are entitled to express their opinion on any page or post where commenting is available. Any fighting or argumentation will be immediately halted and we will address those involved via email. The comments will likely be deleted. Please refrain from any particularly opinionated/slanted ideas. Offensive opinions (as per Section 1.1) will not be allowed and could potentially result in a block. Ghostly World does not take any responsibility for opinions, facts, or content presented by our commenters.

1.7 Personal Information

We do not encourage you to post your full name or email address. Ghostly World is not responsible for any information about yourself that you opt to disclose. It is your decision how much information that you wish to share publicly when you post. Everything that you post is visible to the public. Comment at your own risk. Financial information, addresses, social security numbers, and other sensitive information is not permitted on our site.

1.8 Comment Blocking

Violations of our commenting terms could result in being blocked from making future comments on our site. The duration of the block is based upon the severity of the violation. Users are never deprived of their right to visit our site or read or content, but their voice may be silenced if they exhibit inappropriate behavior. Blocks are issued at a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of a lifetime. If a user feels that they have been wrongly issued a lifetime ban, they may email us at contact@ghostlyworld.org to plea your case. We will review their previous violations and issue a one-time second chance if possible. Commenting privileges will be restored. If the previous behavior is reassumed, the block will be reinstated.

Contacting Us

We would love to hear from you!

We love receiving emails and questions from visitors. However, we do have a few basic rules in order to keep our correspondence courteous and respectful.

2.1 Swearing & Offensive Material

Please refrain from the use of swearing, cursing, profanity, obscene content, and/or inappropriate behavior in your emails. While your emails are not public like comments are, we do expect professionalism and good behavior in your correspondence.

Harassment situations will result in your email address being added to our block list.

2.2 Staying On Topic

Please remember to stay on-topic. Any messages that do not pertain to Ghostly World, the paranormal, haunted places, abandoned locations, ghost towns, and/or similar related topics will not receive a response.

2.3 Spam & Phishing

Emails qualifying as spam, phishing, solicitation of services, or other scam-type messages will absolutely not be tolerated. We delete these messages immediately without even opening them.


Sending emails of this variety to Ghostly World will be done at your own expense – we report every fraud email as soon as it is received. Your email address will be added to our block list.

2.4 Personal Information

We will never share any of the information you used to fill out the form (name, email address). We do reserve the right to use any facts submitted through the form. Your privacy is our biggest priority: we will never share your information without your explicit consent.


We will never share any of the information you used to fill out the form (name, email address). We do reserve the right to use any facts submitted through the form. Your privacy is our biggest priority: we will never share your information without your explicit consent.

3.1 Copyrights

Do not use our content without proper permission.

Ghostly World’s content, posts, pages, eBooks, and other written materials are the sole property of Ghostly world and they are not to be redistributed in any manner, unless explicitly permitted by Ghostly World in a written consent form.

See Section 3.2 for more information on unauthorized distribution.

If you are interested in obtaining permission for using Ghostly World content, please emails us at contact@ghostlyworld.org

3.2 Distribution of Content

Our content is not to be redistributed in any form (electronically, written, etc.) without our written consent. Using it without proper permission is against the law. Using Ghostly World as a source for information is allowed and encouraged.

Books & Written Media

If you are using Ghostly World as a source for any written material (books, eBooks, magazines, reports, publications, etc), we require proper crediting in bibliographies. Verbatim use of our content is not permitted, unless quotations using the standard citing measures are used.


Reblogs are permitted only if links to the original post/page and to GhostlyWorld.org are provided. We strictly enforce this rule.

3.3 Content Reaction

Our site contains dark content. Reader discretion is advised.

Ghostly World is not liable for any nightmares, depression, disturbed feelings, or other psychological effects provoked from reading our content. While we have never received any reports from anyone feeling this way, our entries may contain dark, gruesome, and/or descriptive information about the history, lives, and deaths of people in ways that could be considered disturbing or even controversial.

3.4 Accuracy

We take many steps in order to verify the accuracy of the information we present on our site. We cannot be fully responsible for inaccuracies caused by incorrect information from our sources. We apologize if there are any factual errors on the site.

If you know of a correction, please email us at contact@ghostlyworld.org

3.5 Personal Stories

Ghostly World welcomes users to share their personal stories from haunted places, abandoned locations, ghost towns, and the paranormal. We reserve the right to modify stories submitted by visitors to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We will never rewrite what happened in your story.

Ghostly World maintains the right to post your story on the site, in any of its subdivisions, and in our books. The name that you enter when submitting the story to us (e.g. John Smith, John S., John, John 1492, etc.) will be the one we publish. Your email address is only required so that we may contact you if necessary. We will never share it.

3.6 Images

Unless noted as belonging to Ghostly World, all images on our site are from various sources. We take no credit for owning any of the photographs, other than those noted as being our images (denoted with © Ghostly World).

If you are the photographer of a photo featured on the site and would like it to be removed, please email us at contact@ghostlyworld.org and we will remove it as soon as possible.


4.1 Haunts

We cannot guarantee how haunted a place is (or isn’t).

We cannot personally guarantee that any of the locations listed on this site are actually haunted. All reports are based upon what has been recorded and deemed true by historians, locals, eye-witnesses, and the like. All of the locations believed to be haunted are posted here so that readers may form their own opinions.

4.2 Visiting Locations

Never trespass. It is a violation of the law. If you trespass, it is highly likely that you will be ticketed, arrested, or even shot at. Always obtain the proper permissions necessary before visiting any location.

Many of the places listed on this site are condemned, private property, and/or
unsafe. Most are patrolled by the police, private security firms, or the owners. Entering abandoned buildings is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Health threats and dangers include: bird/rodent droppings, mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead poisoning, tetanus, unsound structures, and/or other dangers.

Even if you have experience, conducting ghost hunts or séances are very dangerous as well.

Remember: your actions are your own business and we are in no responsible for them.

4.3 Death or Injury

Ghostly World is not responsible for anything that happens to you while visiting any location, including but not limited to arrest, injury, or death.


5.1 Privacy

If you are thirteen years of age or younger, make sure you ask a parent before signing up. We require that anyone thirteen or younger obtain permission from an adult (18+) before signing up. We will never share your information with anyone.

5.2 Unsubscribing

You can unsubscribe by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of our emails or by emailing us as contact@ghostlyworld.org

5.3 Newsletter Content

Ghostly World does not allow you to copy our content and post it elsewhere (e.g. websites, blogs, magazines, etc.) Doing so violates our content policy and copyright law.

Thank You for Reading Our Terms!

Thank you for taking the time to reading Ghostly World’s site use policies! If you have any questions or need to contact us for any reason, feel free to contact us at contact@ghostlyworld.org!