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Ghost Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginning and Experienced Ghost Hunters

For our 18-page guide, our photographer Romain Laprade and local writer Selena Hoy took recommendations from our Japan team and visited a dozen locations that, between them, paint a full picture of this varied metropolis: from a new rice specialist revitalizing a shuttered shopping district, to a store inside a house in upmarket, residential Shirokane.

Looking to become a ghost hunter, but don’t know where to start? Seeking to improve your investigation skills and refine your hunting abilities? Want to collect the best paranormal evidence you possibly can? This is the book is perfect for you! Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, Ghost Hunting 101 will cover hundreds of tips, easy to follow procedures, and helpful, fact-packed guides about ghosts. Jam-packed with more than 90 photos, we’ll go through seven key sections to help take you through the steps of becoming a better ghost hunter. This book includes seven informative sections on ghosts, haunted locations, ghost hunting, investigations, equipment, evidence, and safety.

Once you purchase this book, not only are you obtaining an education you won’t receive in school, you’re getting exclusive access to online bonus content, quizzes, and much more – a real value at only $2.99!

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