Personal Experience at Searcy Hospital – Mt. Vernon, Alabama

Personal Experience

Searcy Hospital

Mt. Vernon, Alabama

Personal Experience at Searcy Hospital

Submitted by Cecily Daily
August 8, 2019

This experience was reported by one of Ghostly World’s readers. It is based entirely on eyewitness testimony.

I worked at the facility for twenty-three years until they closed. There is nod doubt that ghosts exist. I personally had several encounters while working there. My first encounter happened when I was taking my lunch break. I decided to take a stroll near the old graveyard, just out of curiosity; I wanted to see what it looked like.


I had heard many stories about patients, Native Americans, and Confederate troops buried somewhere in the area. I stumbled upon what appeared to be several old broken headstones. This was a nice sunny day in June. The strangest thing happened: I felt as if someone or something was in my presence. The area I was in became darker, the birds stopped singing, and I began to get goosebumps all over me. A strong gust of wind came from nowhere, just in the area I was standing. I then realized it was time to leave.


As I began to leave, the sun came back out and the birds began to chirp again. This was an off-limits area behind a locked gate. There were no employees in the area. I’ll never forget that moment. That’s just one of several encounters I have had with ghosts.

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