Two businessmen planned to spend the night in a small town while en route to Montgomery, Alabama on business. Travelling down the low country road, they spotted a figure in the distance. When they grew closer, they realized it was a demure, tidy-haired elderly woman in a crisp, clean pale lavender dress walking at a brisk pace alongside the road.

An Ontario man became fascinated with a vintage painting he saw at a small store. The picture depicted a dark and gloomy castle, with every window dark except for the room at the top of a high stone tower. The man was curious as to why the artist had only painted one window bright yellow. He bought the piece of artwork and hung it in the hall of his home. The only piece of information he had on the piece was that it was a castle in Scotland. The painting lacked a signature and date.

A ghostly woman sitting at her own grave.

It’s not uncommon for children to tell their parents they have seen a ghost or have a monster hiding under their bed or in their closet. They may have an imaginary friend they refer to as vividly as a real-life friend. In most casts, this is the result of an active imagination. What if it seems like something much stranger is afoot? What do you do?

The Grim Reaper is the personification of death, representing the end of one’s life. Often depicted with a black cloak and sickle, his image has struck fear in the hearts of millions for centuries.

The memory chest found in the staircase.

While doing renovations in his home in Sacramento, California, a man found what appeared to be some sort of old chest. What they found inside told a sad tale of the tragic death of a child named May Woolsey.

Not everything that we think may be paranormal actually is. Some of the most common forms of environmental causes are listed below in this guide.

Glasses, a notebook, and camera lenses.

The goal of the skeptic is to debunk a haunt. The goal of the believer is to prove it. Both will go to great lengths to justify their claims and support their argument. The best approach is open-mindedness and critical thinking.

King Umberto I of Italy

Italy’s King Umberto I had been told that one of his subjects had an uncanny resemblance to him, which he had always ignored. One day, he visited the restaurant owned by his doppelgänger.

Thomas Story Kirkbride

Reformist Dorothea Lynde Dix (April 4, 1802 – July 17, 1887) testified to the New Jersey legislature about the insufficient and inhumane treatment of individuals suffering from mental illness. They were housed in residences, county jails, basements, attics, prisons, and other tucked-away places to effectively be forgotten. Through her efforts, the United States established state-run hospitals. Philadelphian psychiatrist and psychiatry pioneer Thomas Story Kirkbride (July 31, 1809 – December 16, 1883) devised a revolutionary plan based on the philosophies of moral treatment and environmental determinism.

President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have an uncanny number of parallels between their lives – is it possible the two men are somehow connected? Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy reached major milestones in their political careers a century apart. Lincoln and Kennedy were elected into Congress in 1846 and 1946, respectively. They would be elected in 1860 and 1960, both inagurated in ’61. Their vice presidents, Andrew Johnson (b. December 29, 1808) and Lyndon Johnson (b. August 27, 1908), were born one hundred years apart from each other. They were both southern Democrats bearing the same surname.

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